The Temptation of The Red Couch

I just had to share this blog written by a friend of mine:

My husband Steve and I have been married 20 years. The only real issue we’ve had over the years is finances.

Recently our pastor challenged our church to be better managers of God’s money. So we decided to stop buying things we don’t need and step up our giving.

Things were going along smoothly until “The temptation of the red couch!!!”

I love red. I have red in my kitchen, on my couch, in the bathroom. You get the idea.

A friend at work told me she knew someone who was downsizing and was selling an almost new red sectional couch.

We had a tax return coming so I thought, “Hmm how can I make this happen…?” But we’d already decided to stop buying things we didn’t need.

I talked to the guy, and although he paid $4,500 dollars for it a year ago, he was willing to sell it to us for $1,000 dollars. Yikes!

Still, it was a great deal, so I decided to ask my husband.

Our couches are ten year old hand me downs and have become our cat’s personal playground. You can only imagine!

He gave me the “I seriously can’t believe you are asking me this” look. No wife likes that look, but when I see it, I’ve learned to drop it. That’s wisdom from being happily married for 20 years!

I told my best friend about it. She said what I already knew. There was no way around it. It would be irresponsible to use our tax refund for couches! Darn!!!

So she prayed and asked God to put it on the man’s heart to give me the couches for free!

I decided to call him and decline his generous offer of $1,000.

Even if we did want it, we don’t have $1,000 lying around.

Then, you guessed it, the temptation got even worse. He emailed and said he was willing to take payments! Give me a stinkin’ break! I’m only human!

So, I had the nerve to ask my husband again. I guess that 20 year wisdom snuck out on me temporarily. He gave me the “You CANT be serious, Kim” look.

I wrote back and declined once and for all. It felt good to stick to my guns but I knew I might be 80 before I got the couches I really wanted.

The next day I got this email:
Hi Kim. We had no takers on the furniture, so we would like to offer you our RED COUCH and matching furniture at NO CHARGE!!! And by the way, I have a new dining room table and chairs. You can have them too.

Wow! I am humbled that God the Father wants the best for His children. If we trust Him and take Him at His word He will take care of our needs AND sometimes even our wants!

Kim Langstaff, Elk Grove California

Thanks for the story Kim! I love it when God shows Himself faithful when we least expect it!

Ringless in Christ,

Ali Eastburn

With This Ring

The Red Couch