Buying a Ring

Giving a ring from our online auction is a grand gesture of love to both your special loved one and to the people receiving clean water as a result. You can tell your loved one the story of the ring and about the people it has helped. What an amazing Valentine’s Day present! You can get started shopping at

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Giving a Ring

To make a radical gift is to make a grand gesture of love…to God and to the people receiving clean water as a result. So many of our champions have given rings to the cause of radical giving. You can too. To see some of the gifts our champions have given visit  Each ring has a story. Take some time to read about them and learn how God is working in the lives of people who are learning to make grand gestures.

Aren’t they amazing? You can be a part of this exciting cause by giving something of your own to God. What could it be?

And through this auction, we are raising money to refurbish a well in Haiti. It takes $3,000 to do that.

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Grand Ideas

We’ve been talking about grand gestures of love. We’ve mentioned buying a ring from our online auction and giving a ring to be used to bring clean water to people who need it. We’ve also talked about some of the grand gestures God has made throughout history. Now let’s talk about some ideas for other grand gestures. With Valentine’s Day coming, this is a good topic to get our ideas flowing for what we might do for the special people in our lives.

• Go for a surprise trip. It doesn’t have to be far, just find a nice hotel and get a room, pack up your special one’s things and put them in the trunk. When you get in the car, just drive off without them knowing where you’re going.
• Buy something extravagant. We’re always trying to save money, but sometimes you need to show your loved one that they matter. Keep your eyes open for something they really want and surprise them with it.
• Propose again. Think of how you proposed the first time, and recreate the moment, telling them you still want to spend the rest of your life with them.

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Grand Gestures

A grand gesture is something important; it is something that you wouldn’t think of doing normally; it is something radical. A grand gesture says “I love you” in a way that words cannot express, and Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time for grand gestures of love.

You have an opportunity to make a grand gesture to someone you love by buying a ring at the online auction going on now. Each ring in itself is a gesture of love to God because it was given to help people who need clean water. The money from your purchase will go to accomplish that goal of clean water in Haiti by refurbishing wells. It will also be a special gesture of love to your special someone.

You can go to the auction at

We’d love to hear your story of how you made a grand gesture of love to someone. Please leave a comment with your story!