The Business of Generosity

My son Carson has a friend at school.  His mom, Julie, and I have become friends over the last year and we get together with the kids to have play dates.  She and her husband came to one of our banquets this year and they were very excited about the ministry of With This Ring.

A couple of weeks ago Julie asked me if I would have some time to go to her husband’s business and do a presentation about WTR for his business partners.

She prepared me by telling me that the men I would present to are Christians: her father-in-law, his brother, and both of their sons.  Together they own and operate a successful business in Orange County and wanted to hear more about our ministry.

I went to that meeting prepared to share my passion for our mission at WTR, teaching radical giving and digging water wells in Africa. What I didn’t expect was that each of these men already had a deep understanding of generosity and are actively living that out – both individually and corporately through their business.

Julie’s father-in-law told me that he had a well dug in each of his children’s names in third-world countries.  He also showed me pictures of the people whose lives have changed in Africa as a result of their involvement.  His brother shared a deep love of giving.  Because of his experience in the business world, he was keenly aware of the obstacles any organization has to overcome and he genuinely wanted to know what he could do to help us fulfill our mission.

They all talked about the ministries they support as a company and came alive as they told stories of the people they’ve met as a result of their generosity.

I went to that business meeting thinking that I was going to help them see the blessings of generosity and how radical giving makes an impact on lives, both here in the U.S. and across the world.  What I didn’t expect was that they would teach me a thing or two about humility and stewardship in the business world and how Christians in positions of power can harness their blessings to move mountains for the Kingdom of God.

“What mountains are being moved,” you ask?

These businessmen have decided to sponsor a well through With This Ring, and they have also committed to give us monthly support for a year, covering a significant portion of our overhead costs!  This is going to enable us to do something we have never been able to do before.

We will now have the ability to use one hundred percent of every dollar generated from each donated wedding ring to dig clean water wells in Africa.


God never ceases to amaze me!  I mean NEVER!
Ringless in Christ,

Ali Eastburn


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