After learning more about With This Ring at a conference, a sweet girl from England felt God was speaking to her through the message of WTR.

She was pregnant and lost her baby recently to a miscarriage. After he died, she bought a thin gold band to wear next to her wedding band so that the memory of her baby could always be with her.

When comparing her memory band to the children on the other side of the world who had no clean water, she made a decision. She slipped the gold band off her finger and said, “If my baby can help another baby, I’ll donate my ring.”

When asked if the baby had been named, she replied: “His name was Elijah.”

1 Kings chapter 17 tells of a time the prophet Elijah was near a brook and needed water to drink and bread to eat. He asked a nearby widow to bring him some water and bread. The widow explained she only had a handful of flour and a drop of oil, and that she and her son would soon die of starvation.

Elijah told her, “Don’t be afraid.” He instructed her to feed him first and then feed her family. She found his directive rather interesting since it placed her and her family last on the prioritized list. But Elijah promised that God would not allow her flour or oil to run dry until the day the Lord would give rain on the land.

The woman was obedient and God did just as Elijah promised.

God is using this English woman and her baby, Elijah, to teach me how God uses what He gives us and our generosity to provide for others.