An Angel named Isaac

How can country music heal a child? Isaac will tell you…


I met five year old Isaac one hot November day in Ghana. He was covered in lesions, and I was told that though he’d had them his entire life, they were getting worse. I’ve never seen someone with leprosy, but if there is still such a thing (and I’ve been assured there is), I was pretty sure this boy must have it.


That evening I was asked to participate in a concert including some of Ghana’s well known gospel choirs. After the show, I was approached by Caesar, a young medical student from the Ghana University of Medicine. Caesar wanted to learn more about the WTR mission of teaching radical giving and was quickly eager to become involved.


Caesar joined us the next day on our trip back to Isaac’s village. It wasn’t long before we found Isaac, and after hearing the boy’s story from the family, Caesar knew that he suffered from a rare blood disease called, septicemia. Then Caesar delivered the miraculous news: it is completely curable!


Knowing that Isaac and his fellow villagers would be unable to travel the long distance to a free clinic, and that the families had no money for medicine, Caesar took a radical step.


Upon his return to the University, Caesar approached the dean of the school with the dilemma. The result? A new condition of graduation for medical students at the University will include a requirement to volunteer medical expertise by living in a local village for two months time.


No longer will children suffer for years because they cannot get to a clinic, the clinic will now come to them!


All because of a little country music, a medical student and an angel named Isaac.