With a Cherry on Top

Though we talk about radical giving all the time here at WTR, it never ceases to amaze me when people do extraordinary things. Je’ Rod Cherry is an excellent example of what we believe here at WTR.





What Do you Get When You Cross a Ring with A Drilling Rig?


Orange County, California, October 31, 2008


“Clean water for a village, that’s what you get”, says local charity With This Ring Executive Director, Ali Eastburn. With This Ring (WTR), has found its perfect match in a partnership with Living Water International (LWI). “We’re bringing together wedding rings and well water drilling rigs to make the dreams of providing clean water in Africa a reality.”


“The match between WTR and LWI has been nothing short of dynamic”, says Eastburn. Since they came together in April, a well has been dug in Ghana and two wells were refurbished in Sierra Leone. “Each donated wedding ring to WTR makes a difference between a child celebrating a fifth birthday and a sixth birthday, with the probability of many more”, declares Eastburn, “all because of the marriage between these two organizations, with no rings exchanged to formalize the union.”


Living Water International’s drilling expertise has made the dreams of thousands of people around the world become reality. LWI has completed more than 6,500 water projects in 25 countries since its beginnings in 1990.


Since its foundation in 2007, With This Ring has had over 50 rings donated toward the drilling of deep water wells. For founder Ali Eastburn, the “aha” moment occurred when she recognized her wedding ring alone could provide clean water for an African village, “I realized one day that I had the power to save lives in third world countries through nothing more than the wealth on one finger.” Eastburn’s wedding ring provided the foundations for WTR’s beginnings.


Working together, WTR and LWI have a goal to raise the $160,000 needed to drill twenty deep water wells in Yendi, Ghana this fall, which will eliminate water borne disease in that entire region. Over $80,000 has been raised since the beginning of September.


If you would like to donate your wedding ring or another valuable asset for the cause, visit www.withthisring.org for more information. If you are a business interested in participating in the well drilling effort, contact Ali Eastburn at ali@withthisring.org.