Beauty and the Best

At a recent conference I ran into a beautifully dressed woman, Beth. When I commented on how pretty she looked, she smiled and without hesitation said, “Thanks! I got this at Goodwill.” She proceeded to share that she often shops at Goodwill and is regularly amazed at the good quality and great deals. Being careful with her clothing budget allows her to be generous in her giving.

Beth is an excellent reminder that it is not difficult to live more simply and still live life to the fullest. She doesn’t live in a poor house, she looks like a million bucks, and she takes pride not in the label on her pocket, but in the God she serves. Beth serves as a living example that you don’t have to conform to fit in.

Though Beth wouldn’t stand out in a crowd because of her simplicity, she certainly does with her elegance and confidence. It is who she is in Christ that makes her beautiful.

Who would’ve thought that a comment about someone’s outfit would lead to an in-depth conversation about beauty and generosity?

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. For this is the way the holy women of the past who put their hope in God used to make themselves beautiful.

1 Peter 3:3-5



Ordinary Housewife Takes Off Her Ring and Makes an Extraordinary Difference


Orange County, CA, September X, 2009


It’s not every day a happily married woman slips off her wedding ring, once-and-for-all, grinning from ear to ear. But for local Orange Country resident, Jana Trabert, taking off her ring this spring was a joyous moment. Her husband, who is still very much in love with her, is thrilled with Jana’s new found freedom.


“I’ve always said to myself that I didn’t want to be ordinary. Yet here I am the most ordinary housewife in Orange County, in the middle of something extraordinary,” Jana says of her experience.


Jana sold her wedding ring and donated the proceeds to local charity, With This Ring, to help drill clean water wells in Africa. But she isn’t stopping there. Since that momentous day, the Traberts no longer feel bound to their possessions—they are selling their house and simplifying their lifestyle so that they can help even more.


This fall, With This Ring is coordinating an effort so that more people can experience the joy of helping others. Orange County is roughly the same size as Yendi, a region in Ghana stricken with disease due to its lack of clean drinking water. “Orange County Gives Back is our chance to give from all we have, to share with our brothers and sisters in Yendi. It’s a reminder that we have more wealth on one finger than most of the world’s residents see in their entire lives,” says Ali Eastburn, founder of With This Ring. “Orange County Gives Back is a collaboration of local businesses and individuals to raise the $180,000 needed to drill 20 wells in Yendi.


Eastburn founded With This Ring in 2007 after she sold her own wedding ring. She now encourages other women to do the same. To date, 50 women have donated their rings, resulting in two completed well projects this year.


Eastburn emphasizes that a donated ring not only brings clean water to Africans, it changes the giver. That is clearly evident in Jana Trabert. On a recent visit with Trabert, Eastburn said, “To see Jana now, you would think that she has always been a world changer. It is only when you hear her story you learn that the change has been recent.”


If you would like to donate your wedding ring and help drill a well, visit for more information. If you are a business interested in participating in Orange County Gives Back, contact Ali Eastburn at

Kari Olson Car

Compact Car To Drill A Well In Ghana


Orange County, California, September 30, 2008


A compact car is preparing to drill a well in Ghana. It is not equipped with a borehole direction measuring device or even a compressor. It probably won’t even leave the United States. But when this car starts cruising the roads of Orange County again, it will simultaneously be revving up the supply of clean water for thousands of people in Yendi, Ghana.


Orange County resident, Kari Olson, is selling the car in order to donate the proceeds to the local charity, With This Ring. When Olson first heard of With This Ring as a college student, her immediate realization  was, “My car is approximately the price of one well in Africa.” That thought set the wheels in motion for the vehicle’s sale.


Her car is Olson’s contribution to the Orange County Gives Back fundraising campaign. Coordinated by the local charity With This Ring, Orange County Gives Back is uniting local residents and businesses to raise $180,000 by the end of October to bore 20 wells in Yendi Ghana, a region roughly the size of Orange County.


Since its beginnings in 2007, 50 rings have been donated to With This Ring—the first one from the finger of the founder, Ali Eastburn. “I realized one day that I had the power to save lives in a third world country through the wealth of the wedding ring on my finger,” she said. Two wells have been funded through the charity since April, and 20 more are needed to eradicate the water borne diseases of the Yendi area.


Eastburn’s desire to change the world through radical giving resonated with lessons Olson had grown up with. “I was taught the importance of giving back to God what He has blessed us with,” says Olson, “That’s why donating the proceeds from my car to With This Ring is a perfect fit.”


If you are interested in changing the world through the purchase of Kari Olson’s car, contact Ali Eastburn at If you would like to donate your wedding ring or would like to participate in another way to the Orange County Gives Back campaign, visit for more information.

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