A Well and A Banquet

God is obviously at work in the hearts of many people—as was evidenced by the tremendous turnout we experienced at our banquet Thursday (April 17th).


The prayer support that you provided was evident. Thanks, too, for getting the word out! We had about 300 people in attendance—most of whom had not previously been involved in our WTR ministry, and many of whom have now taken a step to become involved.


During the evening, we had the honor of welcoming Stan from Living Water International to the podium. Though we expected his attendance and had planned for him to say a few words, we were delighted to be informed that the first well in the Yendi area had been completed just two days earlier! AND Stan blessed us with photographs! (They’ll be posted on the web site in short order–Promise!)


Of several stories that he shared, my favorite tells of the reaction of the villagers. There is a photo of a group with their arms raised. They are smiling and yelling and the glee on their faces is contagious. If you look long enough, you can actually hear their shouts of joy. You would have expected to hear that the photo was taken after the process was finished. It was actually snapped as the drilling rig rolled up the road!


If people are that excited at the site of a rig, can you imagine how amazed they are at the site of clean water pouring from a water pump—in their own back yard? In fact, water is such a precious commodity that children collected water flowing from the initial bore hole before the pump was even installed!


What an adventure we have in Jesus. He has placed upon your hearts the desire to give so that the poorest of the poor can drink of His water and of His Word.


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African Pastor Comes to California to Thank Woman For Donating Wedding Ring

Fresh water well to be dug in village through the work of nonprofit wedding ring charity


Yorba Linda, CA, April 2008. In 2006, Ali Eastburn learned that children in Africa were becoming sick and dying because they had no clean water. Now, two years later, an African pastor is visiting Eastburn to thank her on behalf of his village for the unusual response she made to what she’d learned.


On Eastburn’s finger two years ago was her diamond wedding ring, and she recognized that she could sell the ring to raise money to dig a well. Ali sold her wedding ring and founded With This Ring, a charitable organization seeking to provide the poor of Africa with clean drinking water while inviting other Western Christians to donate their wedding rings as well.


Eastburn, the Executive Director for With This Ring, will be joined by Pastor Asari from Ghana, and will share her story and the mission of With This Ring at a banquet on April 17th at the Doubletree Anaheim Hotel. The public is invited to attend to learn more about With This Ring and to hear the amazing story of the unlikely events that brought these two people together. 

To attend the banquet, contact With This Ring at (714) 726-2410. To find out more about With This Ring, visit http://www.withthisring.org , where you can sign up for WTR’s free weekly e-newsletter, Bling!, Also, you can read Ali Eastburn’s blog at https://withthisring.wordpress.com/.